meet jesse

i spent way too much of my life thinking that i didn’t have the money to travel.

i envied my friends that seemed to always be on vacation - even more so when they would say things like, “you CAN afford to travel, just save up!”

there were so many blogs, instagrammers and youtubers about traveling all the time, staying at the nicest hotels in the most fabulous parts of the world… but what about the people who, uh, have jobs and can’t afford luxury resorts?

i scoured the internet for tips on traveling while on a budget, but hostels and camping wasn’t really my thing. there was a huge gap between communal showers and sleeping pods in airplanes. who was providing information to people in the middle?

in true ‘me’ fashion, i thought, “oh, what the hell, i’ll just do it.”

if you have a little extra cash to travel, but no idea how to make the most of it, then road jess traveled is for you.